In class on Monday we began discussing ideas on the best way to tackle a brief and achieve something that both you, and the person who wrote the brief, are satisfied with.

The best way, we discovered, is the idea of workflow. This is where you break down a brief into simple processes that become manageable steps and targets to reach.

This image is a break down of this assignment into six steps:

Wordflow Model

Workflow Model

Concepts/Drafts and Production both have extra arrows since those processes happen more than once. Production is a continual process that takes a lot of editing and redefining every time it is looked at with new eyes. This is much the same with concepts and drafts as the idea you originally come up with may not necessarily be your final design. These steps take time to complete, more so than the others.

With this model in my head I can now begin to project my own ideas on to it and delve deep into Google for an article.


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