The good part about second year at university is that suddenly a lot more opportunities open up for student to be able to present their own ideas and interests when it comes to assignments. For out first visual communication brief we have to create a visual representation for an article of our choice.

I do a lot of reading online (although now a lot less time for it with uni taking up all my free thinking space) and have a few niches that I like to comfortably slip myself into and becoming lost. I am a feminist and therefore also enjoy reading feminist/equalist articles. I feel that an image represent these notions could be powerful. While browsing the internet I stumbled across articles like this and this, which I believe would be challenging for someone like me with little photoshop experience but rewarding if done right.

Secondly, I’m also super interested in religion despite not being religious myself. The notion that one must conform to the made up rules of a particular deity’s scripture is something I find astounding and might be really fun to play with. I’ve previously read these two articles (one and two) and have though of them both in relation to this assignment.

I still have so many ideas slowly marauding my mind, weaving between all the tasks to do with other assignments, but I’m sure something soon will come to me so I can finalise this first step!


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