Communication Objectives

Just as a recap, my article is called Here’s What Happens To Your Brain When You Give Up Sugar.

The main, and clearly obvious, notion this article conveys is the effect that sugar has on our brains. With popular culture being infatuated with organic foods and eating clean and healthy, there’s no surprise to see an abundance of articles detailing sugar’s effects on the internet. The reason why I like this article so much is because it comes from a reputable website that I enjoy reading in my spare time. Not only that, but this article specifically details what it’s like to ‘quit’ sugar, not just that it is bad for you.

The main point that I hope to convey through my photoreal image is an idea that is reiterated throughout this article:

Trying to quit sugar is almost equivalent to “detoxing from drugs [of abuse].”

This article explains how sugar activates the pleasure receptors in our brain and therefore makes us want to continue eating.

These were the notions that I found most interesting and I’ve decided that’s what I want to show the most – the comparison between drugs and sugar and how we just can’t get enough.

I’ve had a few ideas bouncing around my head in regards to assets and composition that I will share with you all!

  • I definitely want to have a brain in there somewhere (or a brain shaped outline). I’m unsure yet as to how I will achieve this since we have to photograph our own assets, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.
  • Bright, sweet foods. I want my image to have an overload of sugary foods. The use of colour will be vital in my image as I will try to have foods popping out of the image, making is difficult to focus on one item.
  • I also have just decided that I want a black background to represent the seriousness of sugar addiction and really make the brightness of the sugary foods pop.
  • Sugar, of course. Whether falling like water or sitting on a spoon or filling up a brain. Something along those lines.
  • A syringe to convey the idea of drugs and using sugar as a means of injecting oneself with a ‘sugar hit’ (like drinking an energy drink).

I’m trying not to narrow down my ideas at this stage as I don’t want to commit to a single idea just yet, in case things don’t work out exactly as I envisage.


2 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. Cool article, I like how it details more of the scientific stuff associated with this topic. Looking at your bullet points I can definitely see the sort of connotation with sugary sweets and bright colours. But in reference to the whole drug abuse part of it, and giving up drugs, maybe you could think about showing the contrast between the two by using darker sort of stuff that could communicate drug abuse; like darker stuff on the outside of the brain, or the setting you put the brain in?


  2. Really cool article, your plan for your image is something really original. I think maybe focus on contrasting the idea of sugar and the fact that it is essentially a drug a little more


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