Use Colour Wisely

More than ever, people are becoming more responsive to visual communication than other types of communication. This means that not only do people prefer communicating by sight, but they also communicate better when they communicate visually.

Since we are more dependant on visual culture, it is important that creators of visual content are conveying their intended messages properly. One vital way to do this is through colour.

Why colour, you ask?

Because it has a tremendous effect on recognition and comprehension. It can increase one’s willingness to read what you have to say and have a positive effect on the viewers motivation.

There are a myriad of ways to use colour in visual communication. It can be used to draw metaphors, or convey structure. It can be used for symbolism, however, you must ensure that whichever colour you choose conveys the same meaning to your audience, as colour association is not universal. It can be used to convey brand identity and to communicate different moods.

Colour is an extremely versatile and useful tool that can greatly benefit visual communication. Ensure that colours are chosen wisely for your own pieces, it will definitely be something I’ll put a lot of thought into.

Click to access power-of-visual-communication.pdf


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