Concept Thumbnails

I very much enjoyed colouring in these thumbnails, I cannot remember the last time I coloured something in!

Following are my conceptual thumbnails, some with components that I hope to incorporate into my final image and others that have more developed ideas.20150327_143158-1


  1. This was my first idea that inspired me to choose this article initially. I love the idea of having a brain in my image but since the brief requires a photoreal image to be submitted, I’m starting to think that this idea won’t end up working out.
  2. The second idea that I have is to incorporate a brain with 20150327_143232-1sugar. My thumbnail shows sugar filling up the brain by falling of a spoon, kind of like a waterfall. With this concept I would be hoping to convey the concept of time a well, running out of time specifically. The way the sugar is falling into the brain looks like a sandtimer which is how I would show that aspect.
  3. Obviously with an article about sugar there has to be the sugary food component! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to incorporate it as of yet since I have quite a few ideas in my head, 20150327_143301-1but the predominant concept is to have it in the shape of a brain of inside the shape of a brain, but with the photoreal requirement really starting to dictate my work I believe I’ll have to rethink this idea.

  4. My chosen article discusses sugar’s effects on the brain being similar to that of drugs, so I had the idea of using a 20150327_143219-1syringe to convey that. The idea of injecting oneself with sugar, which we do in a way when we crave sweet things, I think is a powerful message and the use of a syringe and sugar would help to convey this. There is sugar in the syringe and coming out of the syringe, and I’ve also put a few symbols of death and of first aid in the tube.
  5. My final thumbnail is one that I have thought of most recently, and is an image of a bloodshot eye with bags underneath and20150327_143252-1 a dilated pupil. The pupil is reflecting a spoon with sugar pouring off it and making a huge mound of it on the ground. In terms of making a photoreal composition, I feel that this one will be the most achievable and compliant to the brief, but I’m not going to make any final decisions yet.

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