Composition: Space and Size

Since discussing my thumbnails with my tutor and deciding on the most effective way to convey my concept, I have ended up incorporating multiple ideas to show my overall notion.

I have been researching composition elements that will complement my photoreal image.

Firstly I looked at scale and proportion, but upon reading about them I discovered that was not what I am aiming for with my image. However, this did lead me to look into hierarchy which turns out to be more relevant to my desired piece.

Hierarchy, also known as the order of importance, is the order that our eye takes in the different elements on a page. Different factors contribute to the way the image hierarchy is build, and manipulating that can bring with it particular messages designed by the creator.

Size is one of the most dominant ways of creating visual hierarchy, as we inherently believe the largest part of the image to be the most important. And why wouldn’t it be? This aspect reinforced the use of size in my image. I have two dominant parts that will convey the most meaning – a tray full of all things sugary and horrible, and a person with a needle pulling the sugar out of the foods, getting ready to inject themselves with a ‘sugar high’.

Secondly I looked at positive and negative space in composition. Burger-Fuel-CampaignPositive space can be seen as what’s ‘in the front’ of the image, and negative space in the background. What was outlined in the previous paragraph is obviously going to be my positive space, since that is conveying most of the meaning in the image. The negative space is going to be of a rundown house, further expressing the vibe of a sugar junkie, a sugar addict, even.

I have drawn out another concept thumbnail of what I hope my final image is like, so that I can refer back to it if I’m ever stuck on what to do next.–webdesign-84


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