Source Photos

Despite the fact that all of my photos could have been taken on the same day, I was magically able to spread the task out over the period of a week (what an achievement).

While working my idea through with my tutor, I have managed to incorporate a lot of the assets that I proposed with my thumbnails, which I hope will convey my message strongly.

It took a lot of effort to find somewhere that sold a syringe (no one does, surprisingly), but turns out that one of my grandparents did – they always save the day. I then also took a photo of a sewing needle so I can easily just fit it onto the end of the syringe to give it a realistic effect.


Even though my background is super bright, I’m hoping to blur it and darken the colours so you cannot really make out what it is, just that it is a part of a home – however, not a particularly nice home, one that is rundown and neglected.

IMG_5277 IMG_5267 IMG_5220

I took photos of my model both with and without the syringe in his hands, and when I start to make my final image I’ll decide which one I decide to work with. At the moment I’m unsure whether the model photos will work at all, but I can’t know until I start producing my final image.

The sweets were fun to shoot with. Not only did I take photos of the candy all set up like in the above photo, but I also broke it down into single elements so I can build upon the original to create something more extravagant if I need.

Now I must start creating a mock up of what I wish to complete, I can never start creating blindly without a plan. Hopefully it’s something that I can work with.


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