I downloaded a Photoshop trial and started playing around with my assets yesterday to see what I can do with them.

Destructive Photoshop WIP photo

This obviously isn’t the best I’m capable of (well I hope it’s not), but it is a good mock up of how I want my assets to be placed.

I need to do a recap on non-destructive photoshop techniques and also on adjusting colour with layer masks.

I’m going to change the photo I used for my model as I think it will be better to have him holding the syringe rather than sitting it on top of his hands, because that looks funny.

I think that I’ll also add in a few more donuts down at the bottom and a few more candy skulls to really saturate the image with sweetness.

I’d also like to add some bruising to the forearm of the model to reiterate the fact that he is injecting himself with the sugar like a drug


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Caitlin – I really love your concept and how you have chosen to portray your article and the effects of sugar on the brain. The use of the syringe and needle work really well together to show this as an addiction! The addition of the bruising one the models forearm would really enhance this idea, however will this possible and realistic looking through Photoshop? The bright colours and placement of the donuts and sweets in the image is great as it captivates the viewer and portrays your idea well. I definitely agree with your comment about the syringe in your models hands and perhaps using a different image would give a more realistic approach – more ‘photo-real.’ I would also watch the continuity with your image – does your model have legs? Great work though, I can’t wait to see your further progress!


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