Creating Bruises

While working on my image I realised that I needed to create some bruising on my model’s arm to really help create my idea.

At first I tried to photograph a bruise, and contemplated putting out a casting call for anyone with new bruises before realising that I’m working with powerful photo editing software, and can surely create the facade of bruising with the tools provided.

So that’s exactly what I did.


I asked Google how to do it and firstly I found this video which uses photoshop’s burn tool to create bruises and scrapes on the skin. However, the process is this video is a destructive editing process, and despite my attempts to do it on a layer mask it didn’t work. So I tried another.

This video here turned out to be the way I created my own bruising. Through the addition of a secondary layer, you can draw the bruising by painting colours on to the area at decreased opacity before using the filter ‘gaussian blur’ to merge the colours together. For me, the colours I used were purples, blues, reds and some yellows, since I wanted it to be fairly new bruising. As I added layers of colour on top of the previous blur the layers merged and moulded really well to come out with something that I think looks really effective. I’m pretty proud that I created something myself on photoshop though, so that may be clouding my perception of how it actually looks. But, we’ll wait and see!


One thought on “Creating Bruises

  1. I would suggest trying the burn tool on a layer mask to bring out the bruised look you are after, you could also try drawing over the area, lowering the opacity and then maybe blur it to smooth it in 🙂


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