What Makes a Good Infographic

Our second assignment is about producing an infographic that demonstrates how to do something or how something works. Now, being a social media extraordinaire, I have have seen many an infographic online however I have never deconstructed one to see what makes it succeed in being a good infographic.

I found one site which outlined 3 points that create a good inforgraphic which are detailed below:

  • Focused data – Make sure that the data you’re using is relevant to the message of the infographic. Even if it is the coolest side note in the world, don’t clutter space with superfluent info.
  • Clear design – VERY IMPORTANT. Doing things like limiting your colour palette, connecting your sections, using simple graphics and conveying your message at a glance, will make your infographic stand out and make people want to read it!
  • Shareable Story – Use as little text as possible and use your graphics to tell the story of your infographic.

With these points in mind I hope to create an infographic that will grab a viewer’s attention and make them want to stop and look at it. Now begins the process of elimination to choose the best idea for my own project, narrowing it down to one will not be easy.



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