After looking at different infographics over the past few days, I’ve started to develop my own ideas on which conventions will be best to display my information.

Since I’m creating an infographic for a recipe, I’ve been looking at ways infographics have been created to show the ingredients and steps involved to see how I can utilise them for my own.

The following pictures are different aspects of infographics that I like, all put together to create a few concepts that I could possibly use for my piece.


Any feedback is welcome, including other ideas that you guys may have that would make my concepts better and more effective as final pieces!


5 thoughts on “Concepts

  1. Hey! The smoothie looks delicious! Will have to try it sometime. I think that the thumbnail on the right is better, as I like the blender as a main feature of your infographic with the ingredients around it. I do like how in the left thumbnail you have the ingredients in the blender. You could still do that in the right thumbnail? Goodluck with the rest of your assignment, I am sure it will turn out great with whatever you decide on! šŸ™‚


  2. I think your idea on the right is really effective because the blender drew me in straight away and I like how you divided it up into two sections – making it easier for me to read. Although, it could get too busy having all the ingredients and their ‘uses’ around the blender and then also having how to make it down the bottom? Perhaps you could just have a one line saying ‘put all ingredients in the blender’ or something similar rather than the whole recipe? Good luck!


  3. Hey! I found you’re posts interesting to read as they somewhat relate to my infographic idea. I think that a format similar to you’re second concept is the best option in my opinion as it is very clear to understand and makes very good use of the space that is available. The only suggestion I can make is to be aware of the sizing of you’re images as they can be the deciding factor of the infographic looking busy or not. Looking forward to seeing you’re finished work! šŸ™‚


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