Colour is an essential aspect to visual communication and infographics on the whole. Colours can trigger certain responses in the brain, and those can be vital to how your message is interpreted by viewers.

It is important that infographics incorporate an effective use of colour to give the best impact possible and to also provide comprehension. Colour is an aspect that must be thought through prior to the construction of a project, it cannot be something that is decided as the process is worked through.

Here is a handy infographic about colour and the different ways it can be used, oh the convenience!

  • Stick to 2 main colors, and do not use more than 4 colours. A little goes a long way.
  • Pick only 1 or 2 main colors (clear and bold), while the rest should be complementary colors (subtle and warm).
  • When you’re tempted to add more colors,don’t give in- use more shades instead.
  • Provide ample white space for the eyes to stay relaxed.

I hope that is will come in handy when I look at what I want my colour scheme to be. Something that is easy on the eye, but still has a little variation so that the viewers stays interested.


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