During our tutorial that went over standard infographic composition, I found the idea of levels very interesting.

There are two different levels people usually use in an infographic and I will outline them here:

One level:

  • Simple design that unites all elements
  • May have sub sections
  • Mainly based on visual to convey message

On the right is an example of a one level infographic. The colour scheme unites all parts despite the sub sections, and it uses the visual elements to convey the overall message.

Two levels:

  • Attempts to incorporate more data
  • Definite use of theme/colour to unite elements
  • Can use additional information to support visuals – but not explain

This image uses two levels. The use of additional information at the top adds to the visuals in the second level which has the ingredients and method. The two levels are separated by colour, using the two different shades of brown to show the association.

For my infographic I am very clearly hoping to show the ingredients needed in the recipe as well as the instructions on how to make it. From my knowledge of levels, I believe I will be using two levels, one for the ingredients and one for the method. To show cohesion I will have to choose a good colour scheme that will help me to convey the message of my visual elements.


One thought on “Composition

  1. I found your research post very interesting and helpful, so thank you! I hope that now i understand one and two level compositions, I myself can apply this to my inforgraphic. I think you really understand how you can effectively use this info to create more of a high quality info graphic. Good job!


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