From the extensive amount of time I’ve spent looking at infographics on the internet and classing that as ‘study’, I saw so many incorporating a banner with text in it. And I decided that I wanted to do this too.

I Googled searched for a tutorial on how to do it, and so many videos popped up that were all over 10 minutes long – I didn’t have that much time, we live in the age of the internet for goodness sake’s! Luckily I found one that was only 4 minutes long and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

Here is the link to the video.

You pretty much just make a few rectangles, add in some anchor points, duplicate a couple of items and then stick them all together! Nothing that we haven’t done in tutorials before, just a more elaborate way of putting them all together.

It’s a super easy skill to learn and something that can easily be used to add flare to your work, and add in an extra exciting component. I think it works well in my header, which you will be able to see with my next work in progress piece.


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