Infographic in progress

Here is a work in progress of my current infographic!


I decided to go for my second proposed concept as it seemed the most logical, but I’m really learning how small A4 size is. I’m going with a main set of colours, but in order for my ingredients to be recognisable I felt that they had to remain true to their colours. However, this may change depending on how busy it looks once more components have been added.

At the moment I’m really happy with how it’s turning out and what I have achieved since I didn’t think it was possible for me to produce something like this. But there is still a long way to go!


3 thoughts on “Infographic in progress

  1. Caitlin! This looks really cool! Firstly, i am loving the use of colour everything contrasts very nicely. I also like the way you have designed the (I think it is a yoghurt pot?) With different colour ones you have given it a real 3d look. I also like the blending on the avocado it makes it look more realistic as an image rather then just an unidentifiable green blob. The only item I am unsure about is the orange somewhat ginger looking object? You may need to add more shading or an outline just to make that one more clear because at this stage it is a bit confusing as to what it actually is! I love the banner that the word smoothie is in and think that is nice and sharp and effective. It really catches my eye. Kepp up the good work and I look forward to seeing what you do next! 🙂


  2. Great to see your profess Caitlin! Your combination of softer colours gives a lively yet easy to interoperate inforgraphic. Good choice of fonts, they are not too fancy but they give a clean overall look for your final piece, it will be interesting to see the rest of the typography you use. Im impressed with your drawing skills and the blending looks fantastic and very real. Good job !


  3. Hey Caitlin! I love the progress you are making with your infographic design. The choice of lighter colours for the background makes the rest of the items really ‘pop’ to the viewer. I definatly agree that A4 is quite small as I am struggling to fit everything in as well! I think you should keep true to the foods colours as that will make them recognisable to the viewer. I would however be careful of the spacing of your foods around the blender. I’m not sure how many ingredients you intend to have, but less could be more as you don’t want to look too crammed, especially after adding text! Anyways, looking good!


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