Infographic in Progress 2

I have been working pretty hard the last couple of days to make sure that the infographic I’m creating is something that I’ll be proud of – especially since it’s worth 60%.

Here is what I’m up to so far!


I’m really happy with what I’m creating and feel that it flows nicely and that there is a good connection and linking factors between each section.

Feedback is always welcome 🙂


4 thoughts on “Infographic in Progress 2

  1. Really cool layout, I like the way you’ve use the colours and shapes to differentiate between the ingredients and method. One thing that stands out to me is that at the top of your graphic, although it reads as one line, ‘how to make the best smoothie’ it kind of looks like you have two different titles due to the way they contrast each other. Because it’s about smoothies, it may be better to have that word in bold rather than the ‘how to’ part, because it will be make it easier to understand from a distance what the graphic is about. Other than that I think you’re icons are really well done, I like the gradient effect to make them sit slightly above your background without ‘popping’ right off that page. The only one I didn’t get at first was the walnut, but I bet that was a mission to make in illustrator anyway! Good luck


  2. I like the colour scheme that you have gone with especially since it is the colour of most smoothies..PINK! Your pictures/ icons communicate really clearly what the important elements of your process (smoothie making) is and that makes it really easy to read. The only thing I can point out is that there is no specific eye-direction flow in the main part of your image but then having the two levels of ingredients and directions does create an order to reading the infographic anyway!


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