Here are my five best comments on other people’s work throughout assignment two:

Hey Kelsey, this sounds like a great idea! There are so many possibilities for creating things like infographics when it comes to using a camera, so I think that you have got a great base point to work with. I also like that you’ve picked something that relates to your hobbies, it makes assignments far more enjoyable. One thing I must say is that the idea of using 5 charts has freaked me out a bit. I’m unsure how you’re going to lay them out but I am a bit concerned that it may be rather full on and look a little messy? Hopefully you have an idea in your head that has a good layout sorted and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it (may end up using this infographic for my own photography one it’s complete).

Hey Phoebe, I think this is going to be an awesome idea. I feel that you could have two levels working together effectively to balance between the facts and your actual infographic. The only thing that I can sense at the moment, and this is being picky, is that hopefully you don’t end up using too many little pictures to detail the recycling process as that may make it look cluttered. But this is an awesome idea and an infographic that I think will end up being super interesting considering I love the environment and recycling 🙂

This is such an awesome idea! It’s a nice twist on the thousands of ‘types of coffee’ etc infographics on the internet. The colour scheme is super important but I think that keeping earthy, coffee associated colours will be perfect. One thing I would say is not to fill it up with too much jargon surrounding the different chemical compounds – but that’ll be super easy to avoid so you’ll be fine.

Your elephant looks amazing! I love the idea of using the same shape to create the whole image, I feel that this will make it really cohesive. In regards to trial and error, make sure that you have some idea of how you want all your pieces to come together at the end – otherwise you may just want to keep working on it forever. Other than that, this infographic should end up looking really nice and polished.

Reading about how you made these vectors is awesome! I’m going to have to use some serious tutorials to figure out how to do anything like that! I really like the concept vector #2 personally. This course is about visual communication and the cafe association by use of a chalkboard feel, is super effective in conveying your idea. I think that it could look very cohesive and smooth once finished. Good luck!


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