Typography creates the first impression of your image. If it turns out that your fonts don’t work, or reflect the rest of the work, the overall feel will be off an the image won’t flow properly. Typography sets the mood and can also indicate what information is to follow, especially in an infographic.

There are guidelines that should be followed when creating typography, and looking at infographics and graphic design work you can see that they are followed. A few basic rules are:

  • Don’t use similar fonts – match serif with sans-serif.
  • Create a contrast.
  • Use only three fonts maximum (oops I’ve used four).
  • Don’t mix fonts with different moods

Specifically for my infographic, I am trying to build a fun and creative mood with my font choices. In my opinion, the fonts I have chosen look aesthetically pleasing and really draw in the eye of the viewer to the rest of the image. I have decided to use four fonts, and all of my fonts are sans-serif, but it’s important to remember that this course is about communication, not design, so the message being communicated is most important. I have had to keep reminding myself of this throughout this assignment but I feel like I am achieving both with my design.




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