Infographic in Progress 2

I have been working pretty hard the last couple of days to make sure that the infographic I’m creating is something that I’ll be proud of – especially since it’s worth 60%.

Here is what I’m up to so far!


I’m really happy with what I’m creating and feel that it flows nicely and that there is a good connection and linking factors between each section.

Feedback is always welcome 🙂


Infographic in progress

Here is a work in progress of my current infographic!


I decided to go for my second proposed concept as it seemed the most logical, but I’m really learning how small A4 size is. I’m going with a main set of colours, but in order for my ingredients to be recognisable I felt that they had to remain true to their colours. However, this may change depending on how busy it looks once more components have been added.

At the moment I’m really happy with how it’s turning out and what I have achieved since I didn’t think it was possible for me to produce something like this. But there is still a long way to go!

Colour Swatch

After researching colour, I went in search of the colours that I was hoping to use for my infographic. However, despite liking the look of some colour swatches, I couldn’t really decide on a final one until my design was fully locked down and started. Now that that’s happened I can finally share my chosen colour theme.

Colour Swatch

I wanted to choose a combination that would evoke the eye to look at it while still having some neutral tones that I could filter through. So far the colours are working together in my piece very well, making my connections between parts cohesive and making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.


After looking at different infographics over the past few days, I’ve started to develop my own ideas on which conventions will be best to display my information.

Since I’m creating an infographic for a recipe, I’ve been looking at ways infographics have been created to show the ingredients and steps involved to see how I can utilise them for my own.

The following pictures are different aspects of infographics that I like, all put together to create a few concepts that I could possibly use for my piece.


Any feedback is welcome, including other ideas that you guys may have that would make my concepts better and more effective as final pieces!

Infographic ‘How to’ Idea

The timeframe for this assignment is significantly shorter than the previous, so I had to get my brain to work faster than usual to come up with a plausible idea rather than the ridiculous ones I usually get. However, it turns out that in this case I can actually use humour to my advantage! So my infographic is going to be:

How to Create an Extraordinary Smoothie.

I intend for it to be a parody version of a nutritional, super healthy smoothie that the average self-claimed fitness king/queen would make.

The typography will be a combination of the ingredients needed for the smoothie and their nutritional benefits, with the images being the different ingredients needed to create it.

More research will need to be done on the most effective ways to show a process/set of instructions via an infographic, and the best way to utilise colour to make it as effective as possible.